Friday, June 21, 2013

Friday Favorites!

     It's been a while since I put together a list of the things that have been making me happy lately, so I thought I'd do that today! 

  1. Mint Chocolate Candle

    Mmmm, smells like delicious.

         I'm not kidding when I tell you this candle smells exactly like mint chocolate chip ice cream. It is AMAZING. I love food scents, but I feel like a lot of food scented candles smell the same: vaguely cupcake-y, good, but really sweet. This one smells just like what it's supposed to, and doesn't do that thing where after burning it for a while the scent starts to make me sick. I want to leave that as a review on the website: "This smell doesn't make me sick! High praise!"

  2. This Shirt, because obviously 
    Sorry that these pictures are all kind of dimly lit, it's been a hectic week so I ended up taking these at like 11:30 at night.
         Do I even need to explain why this makes me so happy? It's a bunch of my favorite things (soft, baggy shirts, seafoam green, pretty prancing ponies -- what more could I ask for?) crammed together into something I can drape on my body. Sold.

  3. My Singing Monsters app 
    The little green guy just happens to sing my heart-song.

         I downloaded this app because Amanda DESPERATELY wanted someone other than her to play it and share her joy. So I did, and now I have a bunch of monsters sitting around serenading me. It's pretty delightful. The downside is that we both now run around singing the monsters' various songs constantly now. They don't have words, it's just like, screaming a bunch of "la la la's" at the top of your lungs, or muttering "shoop shooby, shooba dee doo" under your breath. We're fun to be around.

  4. Solarcaine spray 
    Bonus Bessie butt makes this picture 60% better, yes?

         I picked this up while on vacation and have been raving about it to anyone planning to travel to sunny climes ever since. It's basically an aloe and lidocaine spray designed to soothe and numb sunburns. When I had a nice flavorful sear going on on the front of my legs, this spray is what brought me back to a point where I could bend my knees without feeling like my skin might crack like a cheesecake (I'll stop with the food metaphors now). Now that my sunburn has healed, I've found the spray also works well for mosquito bites. It's a lifesaver since mosquito bites swell up to the size of a softball on me even if I don't itch them; if they DO get itchy I could go full Violet Beauregard and just swell up uncontrollably.

  5. Tortellini 

         I'm sure I've mentioned before how I go through food obsession phases where I'll eat the same thing every day for a week, right? This week that thing has been tortellini. I've been to Target three times in the last week, and every time I bought tortellini. I had Chipotle for dinner last night, and actually thought afterwards, "I could go for some tortellini." My food obsessions are INTENSE, y'all. I'm gonna turn into a tortellini. And then eat myself. Tortellinception. That's why I don't have a picture to go with this one. Because I ate all the tortellinis in the world before they could be photographed. Sorry about that. 

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