About Me and This Blog

Who am I? What am I doing?

Honestly, a lot of the time I don't even know. 
     My name's Jacki. I like crafting, sewing, fashion, writing funny and mostly true stories, cooking, cartoons and zombies. I majored in English in college, graduated, then promptly realized I have no idea what I'm doing with my life (ruh-roh). This blog is where I talk about the things I'm making, doing, laughing at, loving, and hating, all while I try to figure life out. 

What's up with the blog name? What does "untitledunderlined" even MEAN? When will the madness END?

     I named my blog "untitledunderlined" because my writing teachers when I was a youngin' always told me that you can't leave a piece of writing untitled. But if you underline the word "untitled," then that becomes the title. Formatting loophole! So when I couldn't decide what I should name this blog, I figured I'd take that loophole and run with it -- run as far and as fast as I could.  As for that last question, I don't know...maybe ask a shaman or your local wise-man-on-a-mountaintop or something? 

You can talk to me, you can set your secrets free, baby

     Well not really, I just wanted to use that opportunity to quote Stevie Nicks. Please don't actually send me all your deepest darkest secrets. My fragile psyche probably can't handle that. But if you want to leave a lighter secret (like, maybe you eat Ramen noodles without cooking them. No shame, man. You do you), or just talk about a post, leave feedback, suggest a post idea you'd like to see, or just write a haiku, feel free to leave me a comment anytime. You can also hit me up on twitter, if instant gratification is more your style. You can find me @WilliePajamas (that's also gonna be the alias I use if I ever decide to be a Wild West cowgirl, so if you need to track me down in a saloon, there you go). 

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  1. Hello! I nominated you for the Super Sweet Blogging Award. Mostly because I think you are awesome and everyone else should too! Keep up the great work!