Monday, October 28, 2013

Don't Cross the Streams

     Well, the weekend Halloween parties have come and gone and now it's finally time for me to show you my finished Zuul costume! Drumroll super '80s synthesizer beat please...

I'd like to take this opportunity to remind you I wore a slip under this dress, so you're not seeing anything untoward here, I promise. 

     And of course, after spending that much time working on my demonic contouring, you know I have to include a close-up, and being the person that I am, obviously I'm gonna have to add lightning and an end-of-days-esque filter...

     This was so much fun to do. The hair was floofy, the dress was slinky, the makeup was over the top, and I was shimmerier than a disco moon (rarer than a blue moon, a disco moon happens once every couple of decades when funk music makes a comeback. The more you know!). 

     I hope you guys enjoy this epic tribute to a seriously classic movie, and I also kind of hope I'll somehow start a trend here. Every Halloween there's always a ton of Ghostbusters running around, but no Zuul! It's a crying shame! 

PS: If you're curious how I got my hair (yes, that is my actual, real, growing-out-of-my-head hair) to do that, how long it took, and how I turned it back into my normal hair again, stay tuned for Wednesday's post! 

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