Wednesday, October 30, 2013

That's why her hair is so big, it's full of secrets.

     Alright, I promised you a post detailing that insane Zuul hair, so let's get right to it. As I mentioned before, the method I went with was essentially just rolling itty bitty rag curls all over my hair (using this tutorial) after slightly dampening it with a spray bottle of water and running some volumizing mousse through it. The first time I tested it out, I rolled them all myself while watching an episode of Blue Planet. The night before the Halloween party, though, I asked my mom and Amanda to help, since I've been sick for seemingly forever and my arms would have gotten too tired (if you're wondering how I reconciled those two things -- being sick and a Halloween party -- it's because I was the designated driver, so basically all I had to do was go look cool in my costume and be sick in a different location). By the time they finished, I looked like this. 

Hands over the face in shame at the thought of letting people see me with this mess on my head. Also, I didn't have makeup on.
     All told, I think it took a total of around 2 hours to get all those teensy rolls in there. So then I slept on it, and in the morning, the Zuul hair we all know and love was born. The rolls obviously come out a lot faster than they go in, but it still took a while to unroll them all and fluff them up a bit. I kept fluffing it up throughout the day, because at first it was looking a little too Weird Al for my liking. Pictorial evidence!

     You can tell in that picture that a) I'm full of totally original and hilarious ideas and b) the rolls toward the bottom of my head were looser and done with bigger chunks of hair because my helpers were getting tired of rolling by that point. I don't blame them, it's hard work and I was grateful to have them. But after some hairspray and finagling it looked just fine. That hair really grew on me (HA), by the end of the day I was actually starting to feel like it was kind of a hot look. 

     When it was time to return to my normal hair, I sprayed on some leave-in conditioner/detangler and settled in with a brush, expecting the worse. I was surprised to find that after a good brush, it wasn't bad at all. I put it in a braid for the night (which I do most of the time anyway, since when my hair is this long I sometimes feel like it's gaining sentience and trying to strangle me at night if I leave it down, real talk) and in the morning it looked like this. Warning: this is the part where a lot of you are going to make a scoffing noise and say "ugh, this bitch and her hair," because as I have learned, my weird magic-trick hair that pretty much just does whatever I ask it to has a way of making people angry. 

     So the final verdict here is that if anyone wants to try this method for their own Zuul costume needs this Halloween, or for some other big-haired costume (I spent much of the day swanning around in high-waisted shorts feeling like a '70s disco roller girl), or if you just feel like you want to occupy as much physical space as you possibly can, go for it! It's time consuming, but the results are killer, and it didn't damage my hair at all or make it impossibly tangly at all. 

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