Friday, November 1, 2013

I made a deal with the devil... eternal soul for exceptionally pliable hair. Not really, but since the underlying theme of this week's posts seems to have inadvertently become "look at all the weird things I can make my hair do," I thought I'd finish out the week with a post about possibly my new favorite hairstyle: cat ears. 

     Yeah, I said it. I made cat ears with my hair yesterday for a low-key daytime Halloween look, and realized I totally loved it, being the weirdo that I am. With some faux rolled Bettie Page style bangs (that I ended up liking so much I actually cut my hair into Bettie Bangs for real), it was kind of a 1950s Catwoman situation, but if Catwoman was like, swinging by the vet for more flea and tick preventative and running some errands along the way on her day off. 

     To make these ears, all I did was section off two small ponytails on the top of my head, then twist each one until it coiled a bit in on itself, pin down the little hair nugget it forms (real talk, it totally looks like a cartoonish little pile of poo at this point), then untwist the remaining hair, comb it smooth, and kind of carefully fold it around the base-nugget-thingy until the angle looks right for a cat ear, then pin and hairspray like currazy. And done! I thought this was such a fun style, and not just because it reminded me of a particular villain from the Sailor Moon episodes I loved as a kid (and now, I won't lie). 

     But let's be honest, total style icon material right there. 

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