Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Illustrated Tweet: Cheater Cheater Monkey Tweeter Edition!

     Ok, this is a cheater's edition because I actually didn't do any illustrating this time. I honestly just need some feedback on this one. I tweeted this the other day:

     And I WAS NOT JOKING. Not even in the slightest. I actually saved the picture to my desktop as "makeeveryonelookatthisandfreakout.jpg" because I needed other people to tell me if I was justified in being so disturbed by this damn monkey. So here it is. LOOK AT IT. IT IS SO MESSED UP. Why is it so human-looking and stretched out but simultaneously so much a monkey and so hairy with its tiny little head? It haunts me. I can literally call this picture to mind in the middle of the day and get goosebumps on command. 

     So I need to know. Does this monkey disturb you? Or is it just a cute monkey doing yoga all cute-like, and I have issues? Don't worry about hurting my feelings if it's the latter, I already know I have issues. I'll just add "overly anthropomorphic monkeys" to the list. 

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