Monday, June 23, 2014

Well it's no "forever comfy," but it's a damn sight prettier than that too.

     Have you seen the infomercials for the Forever Comfy? It's pretty convincing. It will make your butt comfy forever. For all eternity. In this lifetime and the next, you shall have the comfiest bum. I want it kind of badly, but also not at all because I'm not an arthritic 80 year old postman who needs to shore up his La-z-boy's defenses before plopping down to watch golf and eat a microwaveable Salisbury Steak. So. 

     Anyway, I needed a new cushion for my desk chair, because the one I had was not squashy enough to suit my needs, and it was also bought as a placeholder while I looked for something better, but it did that sneaky thing where it hung around for like eight months without me noticing. Originally I wanted to buy a new chair entirely, because the one I use is actually a decades-old kitchen chair that is badly warped and incredibly uncomfortable, but it turns out chairs are expensive and I am le poor. So the next best thing was to get a new cushion, and when I couldn't find one that was the right dimensions and suitably cute, I realized it was time to engage the craftiness ray. I picked up a cushion filler thing-jig and a nice geometric print duck cloth that matches the accent colors in my room (like the dark blue throw pillow on my bed and the various blue tones on the back of my desk), as well as a zipper so the cover could be removable for washing purposes (important because I sit at my desk and do my makeup, and apparently I put makeup on like a toddler, so it gets everywhere). And then...

     Cue the record scratch sound, because I couldn't actually find the motivation to stitch it up. I go through phases with my DIY-ing, where for a while all I want to do is craft this, sew that, make this, but then for a long time I might not want to make anything (except food. I always want to make food). Or sometimes I wake up with a weird urge to clean, and all I'll do is clean for three days. I dunno, it's a weird process. 

     But whilst I was out the other day my mom decided she felt like sewing, so she made it for me to surprise me when I got home! She's the best. And she even took all the pictures in this post so I could blog about it. Did I mention she's the best? So! Here's how she whipped it up. 

     After cutting two pieces of fabric that were two inches bigger on all sides than the foam, she folded the edges over half an inch on one end of each piece of fabric, ironed them down, then laid the zipper on top of the folds and sewed it in. 

"Put a picture of the zipper in, that's the most impressive part!" she says. I know this picture is from later on, but we're talking about zippers now, so whatever.

Then she opened the zipper and sewed a half inch seam on the remaining three sides.

     For the corners, she opened up the seams and lined them up. The cushion was three inches thick, so she measured three inches edge to edge as pictured, then sewed across that line. Then when it's turned right-side-out, it looks like this! 

     And that's it! I came home and found my chair looking all snazzy like this.

     And the best part is it makes that chair of angles and sorrow a thousand times comfier. 

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