Friday, June 20, 2014

Friday Favorites: Seemingly Uncorrelated Edition!


     I realized recently that I had a real problem because I have very few summertime pajamas. I have several cute sets for cold weather, but no shorts, really. I used to be able to just sleep in my underwear when it was really hot, but in college I lived in an apartment where the fire alarm was going off in the middle of the night all the freaking time because I guess people are too dumb to open a window before they smoke their pot (and it was always the potheads). So it got to a point where my subconscious just would not let me relax enough to go to sleep unless I was wearing something I could vacate the building in without fear of shame or ridicule. This has been Fun Facts About Jacki's Neuroses, thanks for tuning in. So anyway, the point is I needed some summer jimjams. These super soft shorts were part of a set at Walmart (it has a tank top with it, but that's in the laundry because I am a monster and I can't own a shirt for more than three hours without getting something on it), and they are my new favey faves. 


     I was going through a patch for a few days where I was just itchin' to watch some good educational programming, so I burned through much of my Netflix queue of documentaries. I wasn't super thrilled with some of them (DEAR GOD DO NOT EVEN GET ME STARTED ON THE IMPERIALIST ASSHAT HOST OF THE ONE ABOUT CANNIBALISM), and in the end I came back to one of my all-time favorites: Life After People. This is gonna sound super dark, but I've always found that series to be kind of...soothing? I dunno, it's nice in a way to think that if humankind disappeared everything could feasibly just go back to normal and plants would grow over the highways and elephants would run around all "wassup bro I'm an elephant, Imma take a bath in this former water treatment plant and be delightful." But even if you're not a sad gothic panda like me who finds a post-human-extinction world to be a nice bedtime story, it's really interesting. I've already learned about invasive plant species, methods of fighting architectural failure in earthquake-prone zones, and how the Queen's corgis would do if left to their own devices (they'd be fine, don't worry). 


     This is an eyeshadow color that was in my Coastal Scents 252 color palette, called Dark Goldenrod. One day a few weeks ago I was just kind of picking colors randomly and swatching them on my hand when I found this one and realized IT IS AMAZING. It looks kind of humdrum at first glance, but it's so pretty and interesting on. It's a duochrome color (even though it's not described as such on the website? But it is, trust me) that looks like a warm bronzey color on my lids when my eyes are open, but catches the light and flashes peridot green when I turn my head or blink. I ordered the full-size so I can have a nice reliable quantity of it, and ordered the same color for my mom, because she liked it so much she had to have it too. As far as quality goes, it's pretty impressive, especially considering it was only about four bucks. It goes on best with fingers or a flat brush; if you use a fluffy brush with this you will get pretty multi-colored fallout all over your face. But that's really the only downside. The biggest upside of course being that you get to look all shimmery and weird like a dragon.

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