Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Quick Fixes: Musical Lamps?

     Not literally, of course (I say "of course," but what do I know, you can probably buy a lamp that sings you Justin Bieber songs. If a toothbrush, why not a lamp, after all?). No, I mean in a musical chairs style. Lamp swap! You all know by now that it's important to me that my bed is the comfiest, best place that it can be, because I spent a lot of my time there. Not just sleeping, I do a lot of my writing, editing, and general lounging on my bed. There's some fuel for your Millenial Hatred, free of charge! Anyway, since I've been spending so much time lately amping up my pillow cred, I noticed that one thing in that area was still really bothering me. Namely, the reading lamp that I've had precariously balanced on my headboard for months and months and months. 

     It really needed to be swapped out for something more functional because not only did it occasionally topple off there and onto my sleeping head, but it was also kind of useless as a reading lamp because I couldn't actually reach it to turn it off without getting completely out of my nice warm covers (Where do I collect my trophy for biggest case of "First World Problems?"). So! A few hours after I had been complaining about this setup to my mom, she appeared before me magically holding a clip-on type lamp that she'd found in the attic. All my problems solved! Aren't moms the best? The only drawback was that the lamp was black. Booooo. All black clothes, no black in my bedroom decor, that's the rule, for I am a woman of mystery. But that was nothing some spray paint couldn't fix! 

Before, creatively taped to keep the cord, the bendy spine-thing (technical term), and the inside of the lamp shade from getting gunked up with paint, and after.
     I painted a coat of white spray paint on first, just so that if the pink paint didn't totally cover every single area flawlessly it would be white peeking through and it wouldn't be noticeable, as opposed to glaringly obvious black patches. Do you like how the quality of the photos degrades through each step? That's because I started nice and early and took a pretty, naturally lit picture, then moved to the shade to paint, then....completely forgot about it until 11:30 last night. Oops. 

     Once I got it clipped up there, I sighed in relief. It looks so much more intentional, and now I can actually reach it to turn it off when I'm getting sleepy without having to exit my blanket cocoon! 

     Aaah, I do love how little things can make such big improvements.

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