Wednesday, August 7, 2013

How to store your nail polish (when you have more of it than some salons)!

     You may not know this, but Amanda has a nail polish problem. Like, a FOR REAL nail polish problem. We're talking upwards of 200 bottles of nail polish. So she needed an expansion of her storage system. Here's how my dad built her this impressive sight:

     First, the supplies were gathered:  a bunch of 1x2 lumber, some plastic lattice strips, nails, screws, wood putty, sandpaper, and white paint. 

     Then he assembled a frame of 1x2s, using right angle clamps to hold the a right angle. Yep.

     He used a drill to countersink the screws that hold the frame together...

     Then used pieces of scrap wood he had cut to the measurement of what the space between each shelf should be to line up where each of the remaining 1x2s should go to form the bottom of each shelf...

     Then attached them using the same countersink bit and screws used to put the frame together. 

     Eventually all the shelves were in! 

     The last step of construction was to nail the lattice strips to the front of each shelf to create a lip that keeps the nail polishes from falling off. 

     Then he went over all the screws with wood putty, let them dry, and sanded them smooth. 

     Then it was just a matter of painting it up all pretty-like, waiting for it to dry...

   ...then hanging it up and filling it with nail polish!

     Pretty nice-looking, right? And it all came together with an afternoon's work! 

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  1. That's incredible! It seems quite tricky to do but the final result is amazing!

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