Monday, August 5, 2013

Pre-Shark Week Weekend Highlights

     On this, the first full day of shark week (one of my favorite weeks of the year), let's just have a chill chat about the weekend. Here's the top 3 highlights of my weekend. 

1. I made this beautiful pizza. I rolled out and pre-baked the crust in the oven to give it some structure, then loaded up the toppings and handed it off to be grilled on the Big Green Egg. It got a little too dark on the bottom, but still. Look at this beauty. What a mess of delicious ingredients.

2. I sat glued to the tv whilst waiting to learn who the 12th Doctor of Doctor Who would be. I just typed and then deleted a whole paragraph of my thoughts on the pick, because I realized the last thing the internet needs is another nerd raving about Doctor Who.

3. I got a shark week themed manicure, courtesy of Amanda. I seriously love shark week. Sharks are my spirit animal, for I too like to roam about, terrifying beach-goers (I'm wicked pale, man) and eating anything I come across. It's a good life.

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