Friday, August 30, 2013

Friday Favorites!

     Favorite videogame: Saints Row IV
     I'm still really enjoying this game! It's kind of out-there in terms of storyline, but when the basic gist of a game is "Run around having superpowers and throwing bad guys into lakes" you don't need really need to understand why you're doing it. Also my character has turquoise mermaid hair and dual-wields pastel pink and white polka dotted submachine guns, so for that alone, five stars. 

      Favorite food: Turkey Hill Double Dunker ice cream
     Two kinds of cookie chunks in coffee-flavored ice cream? Yes please. This ice cream actually kind of ruined other ice creams for me for a bit there. I went to make myself of bowl of it the other day and when I found it had all been eaten I just couldn't bring myself to have a different kind instead. It was Double Dunker or nothing, apparently. I may have thrown a small fit, even after Amanda offered me one of her ice cream bars because that's not what I waaaanted (I am a joy to be around). 

     Favorite material possession: Turbie Twist
     I can't remember if I've had this on a favorites list before, but I feel like even if I have, it warrants another mention. This thing makes the hellish experience of showering (even when I'm not recreating horror movie scenes in the shower, I still hate it -- shampooing like thirty pounds of hair, having to shave my legs, knocking over shampoo bottles with every movement because the storage ledges are SO IDIOTICALLY SHALLOW-- I am just not a shower-enjoyer) slightly less miserable. Specifically, the after-shower portion of my evening, in which I used to slap a towel on my head and then walk around trying to keep it on long enough to dry my hair a bit while complaining about how heavy it made my already oversized head. The Turbie Twist is a lot lighter, so I can leave it on for more than thirty seconds and thus, it works better. Plus it stays on with a little elastic you loop the end through, so if you drop something or want to pet a cat or whatever you don't have to do that weird, perfectly vertical squat to keep the towel from toppling over and ripping half your hair out (just me?), which is always a plus because I hate being tricked into exercising.

     Favorite people: Babies! 
     It's been just over a week since my little niece and nephew were born, and they're already total heart-stealers. I know I'm biased, but I'm still pretty sure they're the cutest babies in the history of human existence. Even when they're covered in poo and screaming their lungs out because they're pretty sure air touching their undiapered butts is the worst thing this world has to offer, they're still cute (this assertion is probably influenced heavily by the fact that I'm not the one who has to remedy the screaming Poopocalypse nine hundred times a day. Aunt-hood is the sweetest gig).

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