Monday, September 2, 2013

Quick Fixes: Glitter Sunglasses!

     So I was perusing a magazine the other day and came across this picture...

     Ooooh. So shiny, so pretty! The problem is that these are almost 400 dollars. Hahahahahahaohgodhelpme. I can't even imagine a world in which spending that much on something that you're almost certainly going to sit on or lose or drop in the toilet makes sense. So I decided that I would take inspiration from these and make something similar for myself -- but on a much more reasonable budget. Aka free, because my budget is just the phrase "DON'T SPEND MONEY, EVER" written in blood on a piece of paper where the spreadsheets and shit would normally be. Remember those free sunglasses I got a while ago? Another pair of those is getting the makeover treatment today! To make these sparkly specs I first gathered my supplies.

     If you want to make a pair of these yourself you'll need: a pair of sunglasses (obviously), some glitter in a color of your choosing (I chose black, because I wanted it to be subtle -- well, as subtle as glitter can get), Mod Podge or Elmer's glue, and a paintbrush. 

     To glitter the glasses, all you need to do is brush the frame with some Mod Podge, then sprinkle some glitter on top. If you're worried about gluing glitter on the actual lenses, you could tape them off or even pop the lenses out if it's an especially cheap pair. I wasn't particularly worried about it, so I just took the gluing slowly and carefully. Mod Podge takes a bit to set and dry, so you can afford to take it slow and do pretty big chunks before you need to get the glitter on there.

     A tip for those that perhaps do not do a lot of be-glittering in their day-to-day lives: always do your glittering over a piece of paper or a magazine. That way you can be really liberal in the application of your glitter, and when you're done you can fold the paper over and use it as a funnel to put the extra back into the original container, so you don't waste any of that precious sparkly goodness.

     That's really all there is to this project: glue, then glitter. Full disclosure so you can learn from my mistakes: after the glitter had dried, I thought it would be a good idea to do a coat of clear enamel to hold the glitter on more securely and lock in the shine. Don't do that. It doesn't work. It somehow managed to mattify big sections of the glitter, making it look like the glasses were just oddly textured, like maybe I sat them too close to a flat-iron or something. It was not a good look. If you're worried about glitter falling off onto your face (I am not, there's usually glitter somewhere on my face anyway. Crafter problems), a thin coat of clear nail polish is the way to go. It holds the glitter on firmly without mattifying the sparkle and negating the whole purpose of this shenanigan.

     Ta-da! These are such a fun way to spice up an otherwise plain pair of sunglasses. And the whole thing only took about half an hour! Granted, I'd probably advise leaving these to dry overnight before you wore them, lest you smudge them up or, I dunno, glue them to your face, rendering you permanently cool, though somewhat disadvantaged in dim settings. But the actual crafting part is super quick and easy, and with results this spangly, I'd say you should definitely give it a shot! 

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