Friday, June 7, 2013

Beach Post #3!

     My beach week is coming to an end! It's always sad when a vacation ends, and it always goes by too quickly. But I'm looking forward to getting home and starting up some new projects. The getaway was a good way to get my creative juices flowing again -- I have lots of ideas! And it's good timing to leave today anyway, what with Andrea barreling directly towards where we stayed. Anyway, let's talk about what I did during my last two days in North Carolina. 

     Part of each of the last three days of my trip was spent raging at this one dude who showed up on the beach outside our house every day -- for THREE DAYS, remember -- to dig a giant hole in the sand (like, waist-deep) and then leave it there, unfilled, like a booby-trap for unsuspecting people/animals/children/beached whales. WHY? To what end? One theory was that he liked to let it fill with the incoming tide and warm up like a hobo hot-tub, but two of the three days the hole was so far inland the only way it was gonna fill up was with a sudden downpour or a truly stupid number of trips to the water and back with a bucket. Surely it's not just for fun, right? There's literally an entire movie about how digging holes is so unpleasant it can be used as punishment/reformation for degenerate pre-teens. I wouldn't even care if he'd just fill it in at the end of the day, but no. Just left it there each time for someone else to deal with, which is just rude. It's like pooping in the floor of a bank and assuming someone else will clean it up: yeah, some poor soul will probably do it eventually, but should they have to? No.

     When I wasn't busy raging against this obnoxious stranger, though, we did fun things. Like visit the dunes at Jockey's Ridge State Park. Some members of our party who shall remain nameless think dunes are super boring, but I thought it was cool. The best description comes from a review I read before we went, which simply said, "An impressive pile of sand. That is all." That's accurate. But I'm down to be impressed by large piles of sand, so that's cool with me. If you're expecting to get up there and like, go bowling or be served a three course meal or really DO anything other than look at stuff and go "cool, man," then yeah, you're gonna be disappointed. But looking at stuff and saying "cool, man" is a hobby of mine, so I enjoyed it. 

Welcome, this is my dune. I can't say "dune" in anything other than a deep, creepy, drawn-out way more suitable to the word "doom." Duuuuuune.

More duuuuunes. Click to embiggen. Yeah, that's a word I've decided I like, get used to it.

     We also went putt-putt golfing, which I love because it combines overtly cheesy decor and whacking at stuff with sticks. I came in third (out of six people), so I won't complain. I totally would have won first place if I hadn't been practically incapacitated by the sunburn I mentioned in my last update, which is still searingly painful...

Ugh, look how tan Amanda's legs are back there. Not even fair.

     Just kidding, I never would have won (serious about the "incapacitated by sunburn" part. I struggled mightily to put on pants yesterday). I'm not actually very good at putt-putt, but I like it anyway. 

     And I finally managed to get a better picture of the dolphins! 

I was dead-set on getting a picture that was better than the Bigfoot-quality one I had before.

     They were particularly excited -- jumping out of the water and slapping their tails on the water! It made me want a dolphin friend. Not to keep, just like, to pet at an aquarium or something. 

     And that's all, folks! I'll be back at home by the end of today, barring any catastrophic traffic or weather events (I'm lookin' at you, Andrea. You keep your stormy ass away from here til we're gone). 

     Regular posting will resume Monday!

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