Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Beach Post #2!

     I'm back with the second update on what I've been doing on vacation! Unfortunately this update is a bit more...crispy. But we'll get to that.

     Monday was stormy and rainy. I didn't mind because I like storms to begin with; a beach storm is twice as nice! We spent much of the day working on jigsaw puzzles and playing board games.

     And we saw dolphins! They like to swim along the shore here, but unfortunately the slippery little devils are really hard to catch in pictures. But I tried anyway!

     Once the rain slowed a bit we ventured out to do a bit of shopping. 

      Somewhat difficult, because the rain had, everything. At times it felt more like a boat ride than a drive, but we made it nonetheless.

     I didn't buy anything, but I got to pet the world's fluffiest dog, so I'll call it a success. Later we found a nearby restaurant for dinner. I ordered a coconut breaded chicken sandwich, which came with a pineapple sauce that made it amaaaazing. 

     The next day was considerably brighter, so we decided to park ourselves on the beach for the day. We built this monster of a sandcastle. 

      All of my input was based almost entirely on Game of Thrones logic. I mean, obviously back there is the Keep, and the courtyard where the sand people practice their archery skills, and we need a good strong moat to keep the Lannisters at bay. 

     Unfortunately I sat in the sun screaming "NO, IT'S FINE, YOU STEPPED ON MY MOAT, I CAN JUST DIG IT AGAIN" for too long and got a painful sunburn. 

     Yep, that embarrassingly abrupt line is where the hem of my shorts falls. Luckily, since the breeze on the beach kept it a bit chilly, I had a zip-up hoodie on, so my top half didn't get burned at all. So at least that's something to be grateful for as I slather my entire lower half in aloe every ten minutes and walk around all stiffly like a recently reanimated skeleton, lest I accidentally move some skin and ignite the burning pain of the sun's core on my flesh.

     Anyway, despite feeling like I've got two steamed hot dogs instead of legs, I'm still having a good time. It takes more than sizzled skin to stop me!

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