Monday, June 3, 2013

Beach Post #1!

     In case you missed the memo: I'm at the beach! Lest you think I'd run off and forgotten you, I decided I would keep you updated about what I've been up to. So here's the rundown:

     We spent much of the day in the car on Friday. We left at 11:00AM and drove for four hours. Amanda drove, Sophie helped with the navigation. 

Sophie also helped us glare at all the jackwagons who cut us off. Not so effective, her glare is adorable.
     I helped with the obnoxiously surfing through every station every ten seconds to find a good song. 

     We arrived an hour early, since we couldn't get into our rental house until 4:00PM, so we quested for food and scoped out the area while we waited. Then finally we were in! After swarming through the house to check everything out, we unpacked and headed out to the beach to have a look. And have spent practically all our time since either relaxing by the waves, picking up seashells...

Our freshly-built walkway and beautiful ocean view.

The full scope of things.

Just after sunset.

....Or lounging in the solar-heated pool. It hits the most perfect temperature imaginable around 3:00PM, where I just want to float there forever in perfect homeostasis. And with all this frolicking in the sun, I've already managed to get a light tan! By my standards, anyway, which admittedly, is still a shade of pale considered cause for admittance to the hospital by some people's standards. But tan lines are present and I haven't burned! I'll call that a win!

Don't you want to go swimming now?
     The pups are handling it pretty well. Sophie still has zero interest in getting in the ocean water -- I don't blame her, it's furrreeeezing! Good thing we've got that pool! -- but she doesn't seem afraid of it either. Lexie, on the other hand, doesn't know what to make of this "ocean" beast. 

     But they both like to dig around in the sand, chase the crabs, sniff the air for all it's exciting sea-smells, and of course, tromp through sand castles like Godzilla destroying the city.

     It's so relaxing to have an ocean breeze and the sound of waves coming in through every window. In fact, I even have a momentous announcement to make: I slept really well Saturday night. Yeah, you read that right. Me, Insomnia Queen, out like a light for eight glorious hours. I had put Clue on Netflix to lull me to sleep and was asleep before Professor Plum even got there. I hope I can really shatter all my best records and sleep soundly for two, three, nights in a row...maybe even all week! Dare to dream, right? Literally? 


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