Friday, May 31, 2013

Friday is beach-day!

     Today is the day we're heading for the beach! I'm planning to keep you updated with new posts as usual for the week I'll be gone, but they'll be about what I'm getting up to instead of how-to posts or the like. I had planned to write a post for today, but the chaos of packing overwhelmed me and I simply didn't have time to get anything else done! Then I wrote a post about something else, but it ended up being so long (seriously, it was six pages when I was done with it) that I realized it really needs to be done as a video so you don't break your eyeballs trying to read through it all. But I couldn't film it right away because it was already almost 1:00 AM when I had this revelation! Oh, woe is me. Would that I were a better planner-aheader. I'll definitely be filming that video soon, so you have that to look forward to (why settle for reading my awkward ramblings in print when you could hear them straight from the ramblers mouth?). In the meantime though, you know I don't like to leave you without something fun or interesting to brighten your day, so here is a video of Bessie standing up and pretending to be a people for a treat. She, to say the least.

     I tried three different ways to get the video to embed here, but the universe thwarted all my efforts and it was getting so, so late and I just couldn't handle battling the technology anymore so just click THIS LINK to watch the cute clip. 


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