Friday, April 5, 2013

The Pink Housecoat Reimagining

     That could totally be the title of some weird indie movie starring James Franco as a mentally unstable crossdresser. You're welcome, Hollywood.

     But no, that's not what I came here to talk about. I wanted to give you a quick update on the progress of what was originally supposed to be the pink jacket. You remember, the thing that looked like Sleeping Beauty's dress before they fixed it with magic?  


     Well, after staring at it on the dress form for a good hour or so, I decided there was no way it was going to turn into a cute jacket. Not without magic anyway. It just wasn't going to happen. T'was not in the cards. Le sigh. 

     But I wasn't going to let that stop me. I'm not about to waste fabric. So I started planning how I could salvage it, and ended up deciding to go for a sort of 60's mod sleeveless dress. But figuring out a plan was the easy part. Actually turning that mess of a thing into something a human being might wear is turning out to be even more of a challenge than I thought. So far I've cut out a good foot of fabric from various ludicrously oversized areas, as well as added darts in the front for some shape--the new front, that is. I flipped it around so that the back of the jacket is going to be the front of the dress, so that the front won't have a seam all the way down the middle. 

This is on the dress form, so no one has to feel weird about this being a picture of boobs.
     And it worked out nicely because I wanted to put a zipper in the back anyway. I picked white, rather than a matching pink, and chose to leave it visible because I plan to add other white details later that I think will all tie together nicely.

In other good news, I actually took the time to color-correct these pictures, so they're at least somewhat close to their true colors! Wheee!

     Still to come: more shaping, facings, a collar, and hemming. It's slow-going work, trying to troubleshoot the approximately 8 million things wrong with the fit of this thing, but it's a good learning experience for me. And hopefully for other people, who will read the tale of how this went so horribly wrong and learn from my mistake (that mistake being: TRUST NO PATTERN SIZING). 

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