Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Quick fixes: Spikey Earrings!

     On a trip to the craft store not long ago, I picked up this pack of spikes, not knowing what I wanted to do with them. 

     After brainstorming for a good long while, I decided they'd be best used for earrings. All my other ideas seemed too dangerous -- what can I say, I have a fondness for accessories that double as weaponry. So I gathered my supplies: my spikes, jump rings, and earring wires. 

     Then it was just a matter of popping it all together right quick-a-like. I didn't end up needing anything between the spikes to space them; they sat at the angle I wanted already, and though I initially thought about adding some color, I decided I'd rather keep them neutral. Which left me with these!

Had my good friend Casper stop by to hold the earrings for photos. Such a peach.

Can you tell I'd already taken a nap with this braid in when I took this picture? Whatever, I hear looking like you didn't try is all the rage these days.

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