Monday, April 1, 2013

Best Carrot Cake Ever?

     I ended that with a question mark because I don't consider myself a connoisseur of carrot cake and, having not traveled the world tasting all the carrot cakes that each nation has to offer, I don't feel quite confident enough to say that this is the best carrot cake EVER. But it's really, really good. 

This rabbit looked way less threatening in real life.

     The recipe I used can be found here, and for once I didn't end up making any major modifications to it as I went. The buttermilk glaze on my cake was about 1/4 cup short on sugar (ran out. Oops!) but I don't think it made a lick of difference, and obviously I doubled the recipe for the frosting. "Obviously" because I always, always, always double the amount of frosting suggested. I'd much rather have too much frosting than not enough, and honestly, maybe "too much frosting" is a thing that exists in technical terms, but surely it's like black holes, where we're just taking science's word for it even though none of us have ever seen it ourselves. 

     Inside, it's got coconut and pineapple and nuts for a nice variety of flavors and textures, and grating the carrots yourself, though time-consuming, lets you choose how carrot-y you want your carrot cake. Personally, I only even eat carrot cake because I can lie to myself that it's a serving of vegetables instead of just cake, so I grated the carrots super finely so that they almost disappear into the other flavors. 

Just how I like my cake: moist and crumbly almost to the point of compromising its structural integrity.

     Overall, this recipe gets a definite green light from me. It even got moderate approval from Amanda, who said "I don't like carrot cake, but that is the best carrot cake I've ever had," which, coming from her, is a rave review.


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