Friday, March 29, 2013

Eastery feastery!

     "Feastery" does NOT sound as fun and food-related as I thought it would, probably because it's a little too close to "fester-y," which just brings to mind open wounds. Oh well. I'm leaving it in the title though, so that we can all learn from this mistake. 

     The pink spring jacket project has taken a turn for the...well, it's taken a turn. To sum it up without giving away too many details that I haven't decided on yet, it's going in a very different direction. Like, if the GPS of my sewing plans had originally said "turn left in half a mile," this project didn't just turn right instead of left, it lifted up off the road and said "eff you, directions! I do what I waaaaaant!" as it floored it toward the sun. Ch-ch-changes, yeah!

     So in the meantime, I thought I would show you something pretty and colorful to distract from my sewing endeavors of questionable success. Easter eggs! 

     If, by chance, you follow me on Instagram, you'll have already seen these. They're done using a method I saw here. I wanted to try it out because it looked so pretty but still assured me that it was an acceptable activity for kids of preschool skill and up, a bracket which narrowly includes me.

     Basically, you lay out some paper towels on a protected surface (or one that you just don't care about, I guess. I don't know your life), cover the towels with drops of food coloring, spritz the towels with vinegar and water, then wrap up the eggs and leave them a while. I wrapped them in plastic wrap instead of using individual baggies, because it allowed me to skip that cumbersome "rubber band them in place" step, which I foresaw ending in a bunch of cracked eggshells. Then I stuck them back in a carton in the fridge and let them marinate in rainbowious (it's a word now, get with the program) glory overnight, and this is how they emerged in the morning! 

     I really like how they turned out. They look like either dragons or My Little Ponies are going to hatch out of them, or possibly some sinister hybrid of the two (a show that I would watch in a heartbeat). My favorite is the... fourth one from the top left, if you go like you're reading? The sixth from the top left if you go in serpentine formation? The second one down from the top left? Point (1,-2) if the origin is the top left of the photo and the units are in eggs? THE DARK ONE, I LIKE THE DARK ONE.

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