Monday, March 25, 2013

A Spring Sewing Project

     I've finally gotten around to starting a new sewing project! I figured that since spring is here (allegedly. As I write this it's snowing, which makes me somewhat skeptical), it's about time to start on the pink jacket I mentioned approximately one billion years ago. It'll be useful for those April showers...assuming Mother Nature gets her act together and remembers that the showers this time of year are supposed to be made of liquid raindrops, not giant puffballs of snow or sleet.

     This isn't even sort of an accurate portrayal of the color, because I was in a hurry when I took the picture and I'm too much of a disappointment to bother with color correcting and all that noise. Also, I just noticed that the pattern envelope says $18.95 on it, so let's all just take a collective moment to have a hearty guffaw at that. Har har har! As if. Ninety-nine cent pattern sale, son!

     Here's what I can tell you about this jacket so far: It's pink, it will have a Peter Pan collar, and it will have those cute buttons on it. Here's what I can't tell you: how long it will be, whether or not I'll be putting pockets on it. I've got all the pieces cut out and ready, but I never know what or how much I'll be changing until it's come together a bit more.

     I'll be working on it throughout the coming week, so stay tuned for updates! (Do you ever think "Oh man, I bet the kids today don't even know why we say that. They've never had to tune a thing in their life!" Because it's not like they've ever had to slowly turn a dial like they're trying to break open a safe to find a radio station between the static, they just hit numbered buttons and magic happens. And now that I've brought it up, are you wondering why I would use that idiom in reference to the internet? GEEZ, don't you remember the old days, when we had to tune our internets by hand to change the website? Kids today, I tell you what...)

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