Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Quick Fixes: Remote Wrangler

     I'm one of those weirdos who has to have the tv on before I can settle down for the night. I know all the studies say tv before bed will ruin your sleep, but I never slept in the first place, so there's not really any harm to be done there. But while I'm willing to flout the advice of modern science and burn out my eyeballs staring at a screen in a dark room, I hate having to keep the remotes in my bed overnight. Partly because I don't want to roll over onto a remote, pressing a button that switches the channel to one of those weird upper channels that plays questionable pseudo-religious stuff all night and accidentally get subliminally messaged into a cult. And partly just because rolling over onto a remote isn't super comfortable. 

     So I whipped up a, thing. To keep my remotes close enough to grab when I need them, but out of my sleepy space. A nice little caddy-majig to hang on my headboard!

     I pulled some fabric out of my collection of leftovers (a long rectangular piece leftover from my desk makeover and a small piece of navy polka dot fabric leftover from a dress I made a while ago) and got started.

     Figured out the right size, then rounded the corners (special thanks to Bath and Body Works for their useful candle lids) and added some fusible fabric stabilizer to the base and pocket pieces. 

     Then sewed the pocket on with a small pleat on each half to give the pocket a little more room...

     Added some piping for flair...

     Finally, the long rectangular base piece got folded wrong sides together and with a quick stitch around the outside (except for a small space left for turning), a flipsy maneuver to get it right side out, and a few stitches to close the gap, it was lookin' goooooood! After much debate about whether it should be secured with stick on velcro, sew-on velcro, snaps, or some other pins won out. Yup, good ol' safety pins. 

     Ta-daaaa! Cute, functional, polka dotted. Everything I care about. 


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