Monday, June 9, 2014

Melted Popsicle Project: Part I

     So the time has come once again: the time when Amanda wants to do something different with her hair. This time she started off with slightly faded dyed black hair and was shooting for something like this; a sort of ombre fade into turquoise. Here's the before.

     And here's all the supplies she picked up at Sally's, in case you're interested in such things.

The Wella Colorcharm is for toning the hair once it's been bleached nice and pale to give you a good non-orangey starting point. She didn't use it this go-round because her hair only lifted about three levels and she was fine with a more green-y blue anyway. 
     I warned her that because her hair was starting off so dark there was pretty much no way she was going to get it light enough to be as vibrant as her inspiration picture in one go. So she just bleached the tips until they were light enough to at least take some color, then put the blue overtop, reasoning that once it fades (and her hair has had some time to recover; obviously avoiding damage is always a priority) she can do another round of bleach to take it lighter, then add blue on top again. So! Now that we've got all that out of the way, here's an after for you!

     As the title gives away, I hope to bring you an update as it progresses so you can see how this hair experiment turns out. Right now it's pretty subtle except in sunlight. But hopefully we can get it to her goal: looking like a melted blue popsicle (hey, follow your dreams everybody).

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