Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Shopping fail.

     While I was at the beach I only got one thing from the souvenir-type shops (did I mention I went and came back already? I did. All of last week's posts were pre-written. Bwahaha, so stealth). This pair of super cool earrings. They have a little doodad that attaches in the back, behind the ear but in front of the earring back, and holds the little shell, sea turtle, and starfish below the earlobe. They're super cool. 

Went ahead and selectively focused this for you so you wouldn't have to see all the little veins and get totally freaked out about ears like I did. You're welcome. 
     And I felt like they were pretty reasonably priced, too! I mean, ten bucks for a cool pair of earrings is totally fair. 

     But then when I pulled the sticker off, wondering what the sticker underneath the sticker was all about...

     Boooo. I mean, I get that they had to mark it up a little so they'd make a profit, but I feel like they could have done a better job hiding that from me. So in the end I guess this isn't really a shopping fail so much as a selling fail. Yay, blame-shifting! 

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