Monday, March 31, 2014

Quick Fixes: SHELF Life. Does this pun even make sense?

     The space behind my glider has been needing something to spice it up for a while. I thought putting something there would anchor the chair and make it seem less like it was floating out in the middle of the room (it has to be pretty far away from the wall because those Viking spear things on top hit the wall if it's too close). So I figured, "why not a shelf?" That way I could do something functional with that space and add plants! I love house plants. 

     I picked up this shelf for twenty bucks at Target -- honestly, I could have found a cheaper shelf if I wanted to, but this one was there in front of me and I like to think of a thing then have it in front of me the same day, so I just got it. It worked out well because this shelf happens to match the footboard of my bed really well. Yeah, the one I walk into all the time. Hopefully I won't injure myself on this shelf. It would be hard, since it's behind a chair, but who knows. I do excel at hurting myself in stupid ways. 

     Then I got these two cute plants to go on top and make it all spring-y and delightful. The first little guy I picked up because hey, it's cute and it was only 2.50. The other, I don't even know how much it cost. I just saw it and went "YES, YOU ARE COMING HOME WITH ME" because look at it, it's so cool! It looks like green tortellinis! I named him Mr. Tortelton. Obviously. 

     Then I happened upon those two little clear star-shaped candle holders in the top picture at Goodwill for ridiculously cheap (I think about 2.50 for both?). I dunno why, since I don't even have any candles to put in them (yet), but they spoke to me. So I brought them home to live on the shelf too! 

     I think it was a really good way to make that weird little space seem more intentional, and it brought Mr. Tortelton into my life, so I'm pleased as punch! 

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