Friday, March 28, 2014

Quick Fixes: Bedding Swap!

     I don't know what's come over me, but I'm definitely in a mood for quick fixes these days (spoiler alert: Monday's post is another one). It's like that need for instant gratification my generation is so known for finally caught up to me. 

     Today's quick fix is probably the number one easiest way to update a room and give it a new feel without having to know, work or anything. Switching out the bedding! I decided I wanted new sheets because my bamboo sheets, though super soft, were looking really grody and worn through, and the cream color looked especially off-putting against the white of practically everything else in my room. I also decided I wanted a new comforter, because I do this thing every once in a while where I convince myself I am a quilt person, and I do want to be, because quilts are lovely and have a lot of personality, but when you get right down to it I'm a comforter person. I always end up missing the plushness of a comforter. I find it...comforting. Go figure. And as someone who has the shaky, easily rattled disposition of a chihuahua, I need all the comforting I can get. But enough chit-chat! Let's look at pictures! 

Oooh, somebody got her grubby little paws on the Orton filter to make it look extra dreamy...

     The comforter set was actually a pretty easy choice, because I'd just convinced Jen to get this style, so I knew exactly where to find one. I guess I thought it was a really really great idea, so I copped it for myself too. I got it at Stein-Mart for a cool sixty bucks, which I thought was pretty reasonable since it's queen sized and came with two shams and a bedskirt (that I did not use because it was kind of tragic-looking, but still, it counts for something). 

     Then I picked out these navy blue and white polka-dotted sheets. I went with that pattern partly because I wanted to bring back some of the blue that I used to have in my room, which kind of got phased out a bit over time as I added more white and pink, and partly because there weren't too many options that would have matched and I figured "hey, I've never said no to navy and white polka dots before, why start now?" They're microfiber, so they're reeeeeeeeeally soft, and they were only twenty dollars. Since they were so cheap they do have that annoying thing on the fitted sheet where there's only elastic at each corner, not all the way around, but for the price I won't complain too much. 

     So my cloud-bed grows ever more literal in its design. I'm pleased with how fluffy and light it is, and it does brighten the room a good deal in comparison to my old quilt, which had gray and yellow in the design that kind of made it look like it was always dirty, even though it wasn't. The only weird thing is that since the air in the house is so dry the comforter makes a truly RIDICULOUS amount of static. I can run my hands along it at night and it lights up like it has actual bulbs in it. Naturally this means that the first night I slept under it I spent half an hour frantically googling "very staticky blanket fire hazard spontaneous combustion," but apparently it'll be fine once it's not so dry and I'm only at risk for spontaneous combustion if I'm an extremely heavy drinker or live in coal-mining country and go to bed covered in coal dust. So unfortunately my dreams of being a coal-miner are now out of reach, but other than that, yes, pleased as punch! 


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