Friday, February 21, 2014

If we were gonna get rid of a planet, I'd have voted for Mercury.

     Look, Imma level with you. I sat here for an age trying to compile a favorites post for you, but first I couldn't get a good picture of the nail polish I'm obsessed with because it's glittery and I couldn't do it justice, then when I finally got one that I thought I could work with, ALL THE TECHNOLOGY BROKE. Like my photo-editing software was all "nope, not today sucka" so I figured, whatever, I'll just use picmonkey or something, then EVEN THAT WOULDN'T WORK because Chrome is doing a thing right now where none of my plug-ins work? And usually when Chrome starts acting up I just switch over to Firefox until Google sorts it out, but apparently nothing wants to work there either? Anyway the point of this rant is that MERCURY IS IN RETROGRADE AND Y2K IS HERE 14 YEARS LATE. Ok, I'll stop getting all capsy now. I just have a lot of feelings. Cranky feelings. I drew you a self-portrait to share these feelings in freaking Microsoft Paint (which still works fine, probably because Mercury Retrograde adversely affects technology, and MS Paint isn't technology anymore, it's in the same category as...I dunno, astrolabes) on my laptop using the touchpad because even my mouse has decided it doesn't want to work anymore (it just goes skittering all over the screen like it's on something reflective, but it's not. Maybe I need a mouse with a trackball in it? To the antique store!). 

     Yep, that about sums it up. 

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