Friday, January 24, 2014

Oops, I did it again.

     Rearranged my bedroom furniture, that is. And ok, it wasn't really an oops. I meant to do it. Anything for a Brit-Brit reference though. 

     This time around, the rearranging bug struck for practical reasons rather than a random whim. See, as much as I loved having my bed by the window where I could enjoy a breeze when the weather was good and sit there looking out at the field across the way like a Jane Austen was freaking FREEZING. Not as bad as in my old apartment or anything (no curtains visibly blowing in the wind from the closed window), but noticeably, uncomfortably cold. Especially with all these polar vortexes (vorteces? It's late, I'm so tired) we keep having to deal with, it was just too much. I don't handle cold too well; I already have a slight blue cast at all times from my veins trying to say hello through my ghostly pallor, I don't need cold temperatures to accentuate that. 

     So I decided I'd move my bed back to the opposite (interior!) wall. The added bonus is that without a window there I can line the whole wall there with pillows for a daybed-type feel, which I have a strange fondness for. I dunno, I like to feel cozy and snug. I'm the weirdo that used to like to hang out under my desk as a child, so at least I've stopped doing that. But if I can completely encircle two of the four sides of my bed with squishy pillows, hells yeah I'm gonna. Anyway, enough jibber-jabber, here's some pictures!

     It doesn't even look like it's that far from the window, but it's actually a feet (I just got up and laid down in the floor to use my height as a guesstimation measure. Only the highest standards of accuracy shall be used in my reporting, thank you) away now and OH MY GOD IT'S SO MUCH WARMER. It's not even that my windows are drafty or anything, really, I think it's just that it's been colder than a dementor's nipple these past few weeks and it's seeping in everywhere like walls and windows and physical barriers of all sorts ain't even a thing.  

     Just for funsies, here's a different angle: this is what I see when I wake up in the morning, delightful glaring sunlight and all. That sounded like sarcasm, but wasn't. I genuinely enjoy waking up to the sun being like "HEY GIRL I'M HERE WHATCHU DOIN TODAY, I LIKE THEM JIMJAMS." Yeah, me and the sun get along great as long as I stay indoors. 

      Once I had moved my wreath from the interior wall to over the rocking chair between the windows, I had a big blank space over my bed that I felt needed to be filled with whimsy and delight. So I combed through the folder on my computer of pictures that make me happy and printed out my favorites on my mom's little photo-printer doojig, then arranged them (read: struggled in vain to lay them out on the floor in some sort of moderately pleasing pattern until Amanda got too disgusted by how pitiful I am and said "Stop, let me help you) nicely and stuck 'em on the wall. Originally I was using double sided tape, but it was failing miserably at actually adhering to anything, so I switched to little loops of regular tape on the back, elementary school art-show style. I was worried it would make the pictures stick out too much from the wall, but they actually sit surprisingly flat. Yay happy surprises!  

     There were a couple little odd gaps that I filled with glittery heart stickers (what up inner middle-schooler), but there are still a couple places I'd like to fill out a bit at some point. The beauty is that if I get tired of any of the pictures I can always swap them out to keep it fresh, or expand outwards if I feel so inclined. 

     So that's the state of my room this very minute. I'd like to say I'll stick with it for good, but I can't be tied down like that. I have to change things up every once in a while to keep from getting bored -- or for actual practical reasons, on occasion! 

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