Monday, January 27, 2014

Thomas the...Cake?

     Today I shall share with you the first of two custom cakes I made recently. I actually had two orders due on the same day, so it was a baking marathon. Many eggs were slain that day, and much food coloring was spilt upon the land. Anyway, this first one was for a first birthday party, and the request was "Thomas the Tank." (Sidenote: is it Thomas the Tank or Thomas the Train? I always thought train, but google says tank, so I guess I'm just stupid? Whatever, it's not like that's technically wrong, he is a train.) 

     This guy is the main reason I was practicing my fondant coloring skills last weekend; I wanted to make sure I'd be able to get that blue just right. The inside is the white cake that I always recommend for large groups, because it's super delicious and hard not to like.  Then I frosted it with white buttercream and piped on red and yellow accents around the top and bottom edges to play off of the red and yellow fondant in the...lights? and...bottom train-y part? I dunno, I never got into trains. The decorations on the top are entirely  made-from-scratch fondant, except the tiniest bit of black icing piped on for some definition in a few places. I just pieced it together in sections, using a picture for reference. 

     This one was a lot of work (any time there's multiple colors of fondant involved, it's gonna be a long day -- so much kneading! -- but it's good for the arms, so I ain't mad), especially because I was working on a second cake that same day (so lots of "bake this, cool it while that bakes, crumb-coat this, chill it while you crumb-coat that" back and forth) but I'm really pleased with how it turned out and, more importantly, the client was super happy with it! It makes me so happy to think that I contributed in some small way to people making happy memories.

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