Monday, December 16, 2013


     A horrible stomach bug has been making it's way through my family over the weekend. Jen and I were the first to fall, but everyone else eventually followed. The worst of it was over for me in about 24 hours, but between the physical recovery (lots of rest and all the water I can get my hands on -- I feel like one of those little dehydrated spongey toys you put in water to grow into a real animal) and trying to help everyone else survive this plague, this is the rare occasion on which I have nothin' for you. No crafts or recipes or funny stories, not even a cheeky drawing. I feel like coming back from the brink of puking-induced death is a reasonable excuse though, so I'm going to go with it just this one time. See you on Wednesday, hopefully fully recovered! 

     P.S. I saw a story on the news about how various kinds of stomach flu are flying around like black death right now, so everyone be vigilant about your hand-washing and stock up on fruit popsicles now, just in case. That's not me being flippant, they seriously gave me will to live. I would not lead you astray. 

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