Monday, September 9, 2013

Quick Fix: Another chair makeover?

     Can you spot the difference and figure out what I've been up to over the weekend? 

     I don't know what it is that sparked my apparent dissatisfaction with all the chairs in my bedroom this past week, but here we are. This weekend I decided it was time to tackle my desk chair. It badly needed a coat of paint, you see. The chair I call my desk chair actually started life as a kitchen chair about...eight million years ago. Okay, maybe more like 15 years ago, but the three different paint colors showing through various chips and scuffs were making it look older. You can't really tell in the picture, but in real life it was pretty sad-looking. There was also a different cushion on the chair before, but it was in such bad shape (all squashed and flat and ripped open where the ties had pulled away) that I threw it out before I took the picture out of shame.

     As far as furniture renovations go, this was a pretty easy and quick update. I decided to go with pink because a) my room is pretty heavily pink-weighted on one side, what with my pink duvet, pink pillow shams, pink roses above the window, etc., and it needed some balancing out on the other side of the room, and b) I had a can of pink spray paint that I'd picked up at a craft store because I just liked the color, and I'd been itching to use it on something. 

You can see some of the chips and scuffs I was talking about in these close-ups, as well. Like in picture 2, where you can tell this chair was purple in a previous life.

     All I did was take out two screws to remove the seat of the chair, then sand it down, wipe off any dust, and spray away, forcing myself to use thin coats (against my instinct to do one thick gloopy coat that will never dry and which I will regret forever -- I don't know why I am the way I am).

     Once it was nice and evenly coated, I just had to let it dry for a while in the nice breezy sunshine, then bring it in and plop a new cushion down on it; this one was $3.99 at the Christmas Tree Shops. 

     So much better! And here's a shot of the whole room, so you can see what I'm babbling about when I say it needed some pink over by the desk to balance things out. 

      The room just feels so much more evenly pinkified now. It's amazing what a quick coat of paint will do! 

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