Monday, September 16, 2013

Game Day, Roasted Marshmallows, and Runny-Jumpy

     Those are the high points of my weekend, in case you couldn't guess (it's ok, I didn't really expect you to guess. I expected you to go "Whaaa?" and continue reading to figure out what on Earth I'm rambling about. That, dear friends, is called a hook. Thanks for playing). 


     As you may well know, I come from a Green Bay Packers family (well, not my mom, but we just hide her in the Shame Corner whenever she wears a Redskins t-shirt. Just kidding, Mom!). And now that football is back we've been getting the family together every weekend to cheer on the Pack. It's been fun, but the best part this weekend was this: 

Mmmm, rivalry.
     This is a collaborative cookie cake: it was Amanda's idea, my mom baked the cookie, and I slapped some frosting on it. And then we all came together as a team to eat it.

     To be fair, I guess the "best part" award is tied between cookie cake and getting to hang out with Jen, Jason, and the babies. Although I'm a little concerned about the amount of straight-up SCHEMING Ollie was doing...

"Hmmm, yes, I shall explosively poo the SECOND they remove my diaper! Brilliant..."
      Anyone else reminded of this guy from Beauty and the Beast?  Probably not, that reference was a bit of a reach. And Ollie's obviously way cuter and less menacing. But he does a good impression of an evil insane asylum manager, right? Right. Anyway. 


     This is the part where I throw you a plot twist, M. Night Shyamalan style, because I don't mean actual marshmallows, I mean this: 

Smells like happiness and burning.
      I've got this Marshmallow Fireside candle burning as I write this and it smells so goooooood. Since it's been nice outside I've got the windows open, and the combination of the breeze and the cool air and the crickets and tree frogs outside and this candle is delightful. It really does smell like somebody nearby is having a campfire. I plan to go buy the full-sized version of it at Bath and Body Works the next time I get an email telling me three-wick candles are on sale.


     Obviously, because it's me, Runny-Jumpy isn't going to be a real thing, it's going to be the stupid thing I've been calling something else. In this case, I'm referring to my latest favorite game to play on my tablet when I've got a couple minutes to kill: Wind-Up Knight. 
Featuring Chicken-Dragons. I could get all 12th century lit on you and call it a cockatrice, but let's be real. It's a chicken-dragon.
      The reason I call it Runny-Jumpy should be fairly obvious: you do a lot of running and jumping. Also because I'm a bit of a simpleton, but mostly it's just an apt description when someone asks me what I'm playing. It's a side-scroller that starts out pretty simple, just collecting coins and slaying stupid-looking mythological terrors, but you get more abilities (a shield, dodge roll, wall-jumping) as you advance through the levels. I like that it gets more difficult, so it keeps me on my toes, but there are still only ever a max of four buttons to hit, so it doesn't get too insane.

     So those are the things I've enjoyed over the weekend! Hopefully you all had delightful weekends as well, although maybe involving less baby-scheming and burning-smells and more... I dunno, relaxation or whatever. 

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