Friday, July 5, 2013

Friday Favorites, 4th of July Edition!

     My favorite things this week were decidedly more explosive than usual.

  1. Fireworks! This year we got to watch the fireworks on the James River from inside the Dominion Virginia Power building. It was amaaazing to A) not get stuck behind the same damn tree that's blocked our view there for the past two years, B) not have to deal with any traffic, rude people standing in front of where we were sitting, cigarette smoke, or other people-related issues, and C) not sweat ourselves half to death in the balmy heat! And the fireworks themselves were beautiful. The whole thing felt like a finale, they were so huge and loud and sparkly and bright!

  2. Tomb Raider. I started playing the newest Tomb Raider game yesterday, and although I've only played an hour or two, I've been enjoying it. There's lots of climbing and collecting to be done, two of my favorite things in a videogame. It's also nice to have a Tomb Raider game in which Lara Croft is actually likeable (YEAH, I SAID IT) and seems like a real person, rather than the robotic, "Oh, let me just climb up onto this ledge by grabbing it and pulling myself into a handstand like I'm trying to win the gold on uneven bars here" Lara of games past.

  3. The "True Facts" videos on Youtube. I may or may not have watched all of these, one after another, without stopping, for like an hour (yeah, I did). They are hilarious and delightful and still somewhat educational. Go watch them!

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