Monday, June 17, 2013

Two Minute Madness!

     I thought of the idea for this post as I was staring at my tablet, thinking, "I'd like to draw something for the blog, I feel like I haven't done any fun little drawings in forever." I couldn't think of anything in particular to draw though, and I didn't want to end up spending hours and hours perfecting a paneled comic into the wee hours of the morn (which ALWAYS ends up happening. It's the one random corner of life in which I am a perfectionist). So here's the basic idea of how to play this little game of mine:

1. Think of a category.

2. Draw three things in that category, BUT....

3. Spend NO MORE than two minutes on each drawing. 

    It ended up being pretty fun! This time the category I came up with was "good advice." 



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