Monday, January 14, 2013

Tippy Tumbles

Like this, except it went on for a thousand years.

     Somebody took a tippy tumble down the stairs (every last one of them, from the very top step). Guess who it was? Yeah, it was me. It was the worst. Slick hardwood stairs + socks + just took out my contacts and switched to glasses so my depth perception was a little whack = OUCH, MAN. I'm pretty positive it happened in slow motion, since I definitely had time to spend the first few steps desperately grasping for anything to stop or at least slow my fall, then change strategy halfway through and just go limp like you're supposed to do before a car accident. I also distinctly remember hearing Amanda already laughing about halfway through the fall, instead of waiting until after she knew I wasn't horrifically disfigured or maimed, then laughing. 

     Apparently everyone around was very confused because it sounded like I was falling down the stairs, but they thought it couldn't possibly be that, because it was taking too long. I think the noise they were hearing was just the shattering of my ass-bones. (Not really, nothing was broken except my pinky nail.)

    So now my entire right side is useless. My entire right buttock (please read that in Forrest Gump's voice, you'll be happier for it) is bruisey and sore from fighting the noble battle against slick hardwood floors, and my right arm is sore from trying so hard to grab something/stop gravity from being such a turd.

     All of this is to say I didn't finish the skeleton dress yet because I was in a sorry state. So I sat in bed watching my bruises bloom and drawing you this gif.

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