Friday, January 11, 2013

Skeleton dress: Halfway there!

Here's where we're at: 

     The bulk of the work is, I would say, done. But it's not actually as done as it looks at fist glance, either (I know, I know, you can see those sleeves not being attached and I'm not fooling anyone. I'm a fraud!). Other than that, here's what's left:

  1. Add binding along the neckline to finish the edge. This is the main holdup, as I do not yet have any binding. I was at Walmart yesterday and it just never even occurred to me to look for it. I was too distracted thinking about all the groceries I needed! Mmm, groceries.

  2. Finish the sleeves with binding. I've pinned the right sleeve up to 3/4 length in that picture because I'm leaning heavily toward giving them the chop. I'll decide for sure once the sleeves are actually attached and I can try it on.

  3. Put in a zipper.  I have the zipper and everything, I just really didn't feel like doing it last night. Hooray, honesty!

  4. Hem it! I've pinned it up for this picture, but obviously it's a bit slapdash. It was just so long before that it looked ridiculous (as if this dress is ever going to be anything other than ridiculous. That's how I roll!).

 All of that shouldn't take too long, once I have all the supplies and motivation to finish it. I hope to have it finished and ready to show you by Monday, so be sure to check back!

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