Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Trollies come from aaacorns!

Overly specific 90's kid reference, there. Sorry about that. I looked really hard for a video of that song, so you'd know what I was talking about, and couldn't find one. But I did find this related gem:

And everyone wonders why I turned out so strange. 

Anyway, on to my point. My Grandma bought me a Trollbeads bracelet for my birthday, and I just got around to going to the store to pick out a bead for it today. There were a ton of really pretty ones that I can totally see myself going back to get one day when I have a job and an income and all that jazz, but here's the one I chose today:

It's called "Milky Way," and I can see the resemblance to stars that would make them want to name it that. I had actually initially picked this one out online, thinking it looked like the galaxy that Orion (the cat) wears on his collar in Men In Black. Which is obviously awesome. 

It also really makes me want to visit an aquarium, though, because it looks like bubbles in the deep sea to me. Minus all the truly freakish creatures lurking around down there. 

I feel like I need to go watch some sort of horrifying yet fascinating documentary about the ocean depths now. 

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