Monday, July 18, 2011

Things I've been doing instead of anything productive.

I'd like to have a post about how I finished making something and isn't it lovely and all that, but I've not been doing a lot of sewing. Here's ten things I've been doing instead:

1.  Forcing myself to keep reading Harry Potter.

2.  Crying hysterically about Harry Potter, despite only being on the second book, which isn't even sad.

3.  Contemplating how certain types of magic could be approximated with real-world resources- like, some types of Charms could happen if we used magnetism somehow. But Transfiguration, sadly, I think is a ways off yet.

4.  Wishing my classes were up on blackboard so I could order my textbooks and get a jump on things. Nerd alert!

5.  Having a worrisome amount of "Nerd alert!" moments, such as yelling "We neutronized it! Total protonic reversal!" after killing a bad guy while playing Saints Row 2. (If you can't name the movie that quote is from, I suggest you re-evaluate some things in life.)

6.  Learning how to put my hair into a beehive kinda style. Hint: it involves pinning socks under layers of teased hair. I feel no shame. 

7.  Running down school supply aisles in Wal-mart and Target squealing "ooooooh!" because highlighters get me all excited about knowledge. 

8.  Singing to the animals. Sophie really likes the Meow-Mix theme song. She may think she's a kitty. 

9.  Doing Jillian Michaels' 30 Day Shred workout dvd. She'd be pissed if she knew how much of it I spent whining, "These weights are heaaavyyyyy. I don't wannnnaaa. Why don't you do 5 more reps of shut-your-face-hole, JILLIAN."

10.  Watching True Blood, then sitting there silently for a moment before yelling "What the whaaaaat?" at the television.

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