Tuesday, July 12, 2011

I'm re-reading the Harry Potter series. I shouldn't be.

See, I get way too emotionally invested in books. Especially with something like Harry Potter, where you really end up feeling like you KNOW all the characters, because there's seven freaking books. Here is an illustrated tale of why I should not be allowed to read Harry Potter. 

At first it's all "Magic and wonder and all things that are good, and they're all REAL!" and I'm like:

And a little of this:

First book finished, and I'm like "THIS IS MY FAVORITE BOOK IN THE HISTORY OF EVER."

Second book. Chamber of secrets finished, and... "Well, there were parts I was stressed out about, but overall..."

But it just gets worse from there. Prisoner of Azkaban isn't TOO terribly sad, but by the time Cedric Diggory dies in Goblet of Fire, it's all over for me. From that point to the end of the series, my life is this:

With random outburts of this:

With an aftermath of this:

And even now, if you mention the sad parts (Oh my God, Fred Weasley):

And now, with the last movie coming out, it's like....it's all over. Done. That's it.

And that leaves me feeling like I need to go do this:

Until something else comes up, like...I dunno, it's time to make a smoothie, and I get distracted, and I default back to this: 

The End.

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