Wednesday, July 13, 2011

One step closer.

Today I'm just a little bit more prepared than I was yesterday for a zombie uprising, thanks to my new Zombie Ass-Kickin' boots. (Yes, I already had a pair of Zombie Ass-Kickin' Boots. But it can't hurt to have options.)

You know, some people say I'm too interested in zombies/other apocalyptic scenarios. But you know what? 2012 is creeping ever closer, friends. And be it zombies, aliens, or just good old fashioned looters, who's gonna be laughing as she kicks them all in the head with her awesome boots? Yeah, me, that's who. 

Disclaimer: I don't actually believe the whole "2012, END OF THE WOOOOORLD" thing, but it's more fun to just go with it. It's a strange relationship, in which I'll call BS on it, but you'd better believe I'll be having an Apocalypse Party all the same. 

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