Sunday, June 12, 2011

Things I've liked lately

1. I thought this slideshow (click the picture to go see it) was so, so interesting. It showcases what people in different parts of the world with different lifestyles eat in a single day. Definitely worth looking at if you're like me and you're....well, if you're really into food.

© Peter Menzel / What I Eat: Around the World in 80 Diets

2. I want this, poster-sized, framed on the wall in my apartment, please and thank you. It's nerdy, but preeeetty! The guy who made this also did a couple other Dr. Who characters, and they're all pretty awesome. Kind of art-nouveau-four-seasons-ish. 

3. Pinterest. I know I already mentioned it once, but I'm seriously obsessed. I keep having moments where I go "Ooh, I saw this cool thing on pinterest, where..." whenever something reminds me of a nifty thing I saw there. Example: Thing I like #2 was originally found on pinterest. I have a problem.

4. I want to make this fabric scrap map of the US. I don't really know why, since I'm that special kind of stupid that can't name, let alone locate, all the states. Actually, that's a pretty good reason right there to make it. Practice. 

I tried to think of a number 5, to make it a nice rounded off number that everyone likes, but...I grow weary. 

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