Saturday, June 4, 2011


Lest you think I've just been lazing about, being unproductive and not updating the blog because I'm good-fer-nuthin, here's a picture of the progress I've made on the latest dress project. 

It was a slow start because the pattern deliberately (it feels that way, at least) tries to trick you into thinking you need less fabric for the lining than you really do, so you'll cut what you think are all of the lining pieces out of your fabric, then later find out you needed one more big chunk, so you'll have to and go get a yard of nice lining fabric instead. 

I'm also not exactly following the pattern. It's supposed to have these bizarre little unattached sleeve-y... fluttery...things. Like this:

Obviously I chose not to include those. Because they are preposterous. 

 Then I kept having little hiccups in the progress because the directions will leave out things like how to get the seams of the lining to end up all nice and pretty and hidden, but explicitly state that you should remove the pins as you come to them while sewing. Dur. 

But anyway, I find that the top is usually the hardest part of a dress, and once you finish that it's mostly downhill (knock on wood). So the rest of the dress oughta come together pretty quickly. Oh, except for this issue:

Kaden has decided he likes to sleep in my sewing chair. I want to be mad, but it's kind of hard....

Since this is pretty much the only time you can pet him. 

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