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I only called this post "Flashback" because I remember how back in ye olden days of myspace, everyone did these little lists and surveys and would post them for people to read. I always thought they were fun, since it's kind of like taking a test where you know all the answers. One of the blogs I follow posted this one, and I couldn't resist filling it out myself, even though some of the questions are completely random. 

Proof that my natural haircolor is, in fact, blonde.

Name: Jacki.
Piercings: Just my ears. 
Tattoos: Not yet, but I'm planning to get one (Sorry Mom).
Height: 5'6"
Shoe size: 7ish? Apparently my feet got shorter when I lost a bunch of weight, which weirded. me. out.
Hair Color: Dark blonde.
Freckles: Lots, even on my kneecaps and one on the bottom of my foot. 
Motto: When life gives you lemons, make a gin&tonic. 
Love? I don't know what this is asking, but in general I'm all for it. 

The view from my room, one of the apartment's saving graces. Perfect for people watching. I see all the car-dancing.

Do you wish you lived somewhere else? Sometimes, when I'm hating my apartment for all it's...ah...quirks. I've grown to love it though. Eventually I'd like to live somewhere warm and friendly and Southern, like a small town in Georgia. 
Do you think you are attractive? I have days when I look in the mirror and think I'm the bees knees. Then I have days where I try to put on makeup and end up wanting to cry and go back to bed because I'm convinced I look like a troll.
Which shampoo do you use? Organix Coconut Milk. It's a goal of mine to always leave the shower smelling like some kind of tropical fruit. 
What are you afraid of? Bugs that buzz near your head, because I'm convinced they're trying to fly into my ears and like, burrow into my brain or something. 
Do you like roller coasters? Yes!

Last ...
Movie you rented? I'm going to interpret this as including Netflix Instant movies, in which case the last one I watched was Easy A. I've seen it several times, which is unsurprising considering how badly I want to BE Emma Stone.
Movie you bought? I haven't actually bought a movie in aaaages. I'm considering buying Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, though, because it is just fantastic.
Song you heard: 4 Chords of the Apocalypse by Julian Casablancas. 
Song you downloaded? Lady Gaga's new album, which now comprises the bulk of my workout playlist. 
Person you called? Dell Customer Support.
Person who called you? A number I didn't recognize and thus, did not answer. 
TV show you watched? I've been watching 30 Rock on Netflix lately. Now I constantly have moments where I pause and think "Oh my God, I AM Liz Lemon," like when someone said to me the other day, "You ok?" and I answered "Yeah, just fantasizing about cheese fries."
Person you were thinking of? My mom and Amanda, since in the last question I was trying to remember which one of them the "someone" was. 

Favorite ...
Song: Who Wants to Live Forever by Queen, which I think is perfect in every way. Alternate: Dreamer's Ball, also by Queen. This is the song I find myself singing when I don't have music to listen to in the shower, or humming while I cook. 
Thing to do:  Sing really loudly while driving alone. I feel like that's the only time you can really just belt it out without fear of someone hearing you.
Sport: Foooootballll. I was a late bloomer; I didn't really care about football until college. Then suddenly it became interesting. Probably because I finally had the mental capacity/attention span to learn the rules. 
Clothing: Any of my vast collection of sundresses. I hate pants. 
Film: I'll always love Clue and Help! because of how many times I saw them as a kid. I also love Amelie, Ghostbusters, and Shaun of the Dead, among dozens of others. 
Car: I don't have a favorite car, probably because I don't have/need a car at this point in my life. 
Series: True Blood, Bones, and Golden Girls. (One of these things is not like the others...)

Have you ever ...
Cried over a boy? Oh, for sure. My secret superpower is to attract guys who seem nice and funny but then do really terrible things. 
Cried over a girl? Maybe once or twice when having a friend break-up.
Been in a fight? Once in elementary school, which doesn't count because I was like, five. And that kid kept kicking his ball at me on purpose. 
Been arrested? Nope. I figure if I'm ever gonna get arrested, it will be because I'll jaywalk in Richmond, and when a cop stops me for it, I'll get mad and say "Don't you have anything better to do? It's Richmond, for God's sake, I could spin around with my eyes closed, start off in any direction and find a drug dealer within a half mile's walk." Then I'll get arrested for being belligerent. The jaywalking will just be incidental. So really, if I can make it one more year until I'm out of RVA, I'll be golden. 
Met someone from the internet IRL? Uh, no, because I'm a really huge fan of not getting hacked into little bitty pieces. 

Number of ...
Times you been in love? Probably none, since I had to stop and think about it. 
Times your heart broken? I interpret heartbreak as when you just cry and cry about something until you think you're out of tears and it's almost impressive when you manage to cry some more after that, so...twice. One was when Sierra died, the other I don't talk about. 
Hearts broken because of you? None, I should hope.
People from school you still have contact with?
Very few outside of facebook. High school was not a good time for me.Times your name appeared in the newspaper? Twice, I think.

Last ...
Book you read? A book called "Spilling the Beans on the Cat's Pajamas: Popular Expressions--What They Mean and How We Got Them" by Judy Parkinson. I know, how very English-nerdy of me. But did you know that the phrase "put a sock in it" comes from the end of the 19th century, when phonographs didn't have volume control, so people would shove a woolen sock in the horn to make it quieter? Cue Bill Nye "Nooooow you Knooooow" sound clip. 
Person you got e-mail from? Dell Customer Support, to give me yet another code for conveniently tracking something or other. I think this is the code I need to track my other codes. 
Person you received a text from? Stephen. I thought about telling you what it said, but out of context it would just make you go "what the what?"
Time your family ate dinner together? Two nights ago I think. 
Thing you bought? A replacement battery for my laptop. I know, my life is just too, too riveting!

All pictures  were found on weheartit, except the first two, which are mine.  Just sayin, ya know. So I don't get sued. 

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