Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Eyyo Pocahontas.

Yesterday I was window shopping on Modcloth, as I often do, since their stuff is always really cute but depressingly overpriced, when I saw this headband and immediately decided "I want that. I shall make it." So I pinned it onto my "Things I'm Gonna DIY" board on (with which I am completely obsessed. When I can't sleep, I just scroll through pages and pages of the pretty/cool/interesting things other people like. It's addictive.) and got to steppin. 

After a lot of hard work (not all of which was done by me; I outsourced the task of braiding the leather cording to Amanda, because she's got nimble little child-laborer hands and more patience than me, and my Mom helped with all the technical aspects, basically figuring out how to put everything really that should probably read "very little of which was done by me." Hrm... Moving on!) we ended up with this!

Please ignore the crazy hair. I'm getting it cut soon, I promise. Also, ignore the fact that I took this picture in my jammies, because I'm such a professional-like blogger. 

It ended up being a lot longer than the inspiration, but that's cool with me since it means I could slide the medallion down and wear it as a belt over a dress. And promptly have every animal in the house trying to eat the feathers at the ends. Here's a shot of them, since they didn't quite make it into the one above. 

On an unrelated-but-still-worth-noting note (sounds wrong but I'm leaving it): part of the reason I've been so inconsistent with the updates is because my computer is essentially falling apart and turning to dust. Everything is breaking, from the hard drive to the battery to the sd card reader. That makes it a) almost unusably slow and b) a total butt-ache to get pictures off my camera. BUT! I talked to a nice lady at Dell today and someone's coming out on Friday to replace all my laptop's innards and make it work again. Yay! Hopefully after that blogging will be easier. 

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