Saturday, May 21, 2011


So, remember about a thousand years ago when I mentioned I picked up some dresses at the thrift store? This was one of them. Because I'm the worst, I completely forgot to take before pictures, but that's ok. All I did was shorten it, anyway, so you can pretty much imagine what it looked like before. 

I picked this one because a) I liked the summery pattern b) I liked the Peter Pan collar and c) it was only like, a buck ninety nine. I cut it shorter weeks ago, then got stalled because I didn't have any red thread. Then, last night, when I went to hem it...I realized I may have gotten a little snip happy. It's kind of short. So I'll probably end up wearing this with leggings in the spring or early fall. 

Check the awesome trick of the light that makes my legs look 8 shades paler than the rest of me. At least I hope that's a trick of the light...

Here's a close-up of the collar and the cute little buttons. And the pattern, I suppose, since the first picture isn't exactly high def. 

Somewhere down the line (when the weather is cooler) I'm sure I'll be revisiting this, to post pictures of how I actually end up wearing it. 

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