Friday, June 24, 2011

Things I Fancy Friday

Aw, look at me tryna be all British and alliterative and janx. Anyway, it's been a little while since I did a "Things I Like" post (eleven days, I believe. Not that you asked). So, because it's Friday and that's a good day to hastily cobble together blog posts at the last minute, here's what's tickled my fancy lately.

1. This video cracks me up. I would totally watch this show, if only because I love Peyton Manning. He seems like he'd be so much fun to have at your parties. Also, I want a t-shirt that says "Justice is a team sport" on it.


2. This Ruche lookbook makes me want to scamper off and live in a country cottage somewhere. Ok, yeah, I wanted to do that before, but this makes me want to do that in pretty clothes.

3. This article, about what Bohemia means, and the whole idea of doing what you love, even if you get paid less, and being happier for it, is really interesting. Possibly only to me, because I'm all "Fight the power" and whatnot. 

4. Speaking of low-paying jobs, this approach to writing is both hilarious and foolproof. Would Hemingway lead you astray? I think not. 

5. And speaking of fighting the power and being unnaturally averse to working my whole life, this is what I'd like the inside of my tree house to look like, please and thank you.

So I'm a twenty year old who still dreams of living in a tree house. Could be worse.

Preferably with this downstairs, if you don't mind.

You know, so I can hang out down there and drunkenly write like Hemingway. 

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