Thursday, June 23, 2011

Pants pants pants.

When I'm feeling bored with my wardrobe, oftentimes I'll just go upstairs and go shopping in the attic. There's all kinds of things hidden up there waiting to be worn. One of the things I brought down recently was a pair of black pants with shiny threads running through them (which you can't see in any of the pictures). They were formerly Amanda's, but she didn't want them anymore. Only problem was...this.

I took a picture of me actually wearing the pants before I started sewing on them, but I was wearing a black shirt with them, and I looked like a dorky puppeteer. The internet does not need anymore dorky puppeteers. 

Flares ahoy. I'm weird about flares, in that I hate them for absolutely no reason. I truly cannot think of a single good reason why I might detest them so. It's just a gut feeling. Anyway. Obviously that wasn't gonna work. So I ripped out the entire inside seam (and made chaps in the process, which was humorous) and sewed straight seams for the bottom half of the legs. 

I had also decided I wanted them to be ankle length for sort of a 50's twist. Unsurprising, since if I had my way everything would have a 50's twist. Well, not everything. Like, I wouldn't want modern civil liberties to have a 50's twist. That would suck.

Moving on. Pants. 

Allow me to confirm your suspicions: I didn't actually go anywhere in that outfit. Was essentially just playing dress-up.

Yay! Pants that don't make me irrationally annoyed! Wearable pants!

Also, looking at that picture, it kind of appears that I've got some wicked Farrah Fawcett hair flip going on, but that's not the case. I've just been pincurling my hair lately (seriously, the fifties...I am stuck in them). See?

Check out the epic background art there. On the left is a stunningly accurate portrait of me that Amanda drew. Notice how she captured my love of bold lipstick? And how my hair is blue? Spot-on. And on the right, we have Abraham Lincoln and a random dead stick figure in a dream bubble. That masterpiece was all me. I was drawing a dream I had. 

Ok, I think this post has gone sufficiently off track, so I'll just end it here. 

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