Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Day...I dunno.

The other day (which other day, I dunno. But one of them. A day that is not today.) the photo challenge theme was "today's breakfast." And I didn't do it. Partly because my breakfast that day was a bowl of cereal, and that's boring. So I'm bending the rules a bit. I know it's supposed to be a picture you take the day of, but I'm using this picture of my breakfast from the other day. It's just breakfast after all, and it's my blog so I'll do as I please (this is the beginning of my downward spiral as I go mad with power. You have to start small, you see). 

A food photographer, I am not. Actually, an anything photographer, I am not. 

So, obviously this is the day I made popovers. Yum yum yum. I also had an omelet, which was rather ugly, because I don't make omelets the right way. I know how, but I'm about as stubborn as they come and I refuse to do it differently. And I had some melted chocolate chips leftover from making a cake glaze, so I dunked some apples in that. Because breakfast is a good time to have dessert, I think. 

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