Tuesday, June 21, 2011


I got an early birthday present from my Aunt Patti. His name is Mixmasta, and contrary to what the name suggests, he is not a DJ (partly because owning people, even people who could be very useful to have laying about when you want to throw a party, is in fact illegal, not to mention ethically questionable). He's a sexy Kitchenaid mixer.

Hey, boo. You sure are shiny and beautiful. 

 The first thing we made together was a batch of popovers, using a recipe from the book that came with the mixer. I'd never made them before, so it was an experiment to say the least. Here's the story (in pictures, because reading words is for chumps) of how that turned out, after the jump.

Some flour and eggs and milk and salt and....stuff. 

A bit of mixing, which was glorious because it didn't involve trying to balance a hand mixer on the edge of the bowl so it would go on its own while I walked away to do something else.

Ladle that janx into some muffin cups, because we here is simple folk and we don't have custard cups like the recipe says to use. Then, in the oven they go!

 A little browner than they probably should be. A little uglier too, I'd bet. But they're edible, and for a first try that's good enough for me. 


Now, in the interest of full disclosure, I'll tell you all a secret. I don't know if these were done or not. They still had some time left on the timer, but they were getting awful brown on the tops, so I took them out early. But they sure were delicious. 

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